Music Hosting Service SoundCloud makes it easy to share your voice, music or other audio with just a few clicks. It's nice, but sometimes it's really important to download and save tracks with Sound Cloud. This simple bookmark provided by a user feeder adds a link to download MP3 files to each track in Sound Cloud.

To install a bookmarklet, pull down the link below on your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar:

Download the sound cloud

Right-click the bookmark and select Edit (Chrome) or Properties (Firefox). Copy the text below and paste it into a URL field (Chrome) or Location field (Firefox):

Click save, and your soundcloud bookmarklet can now be launched. The next time you want to download audio from Sound Cloud with SoundCloud converter, but download is not enabled, just click on your easy bookmark. Red download link for mp3 files as a supporting player is shown. Do not misuse it and everyone wins.

Bookmarklet generates download links for Gatehb for sound sound uploads

(For additional steps to install more bookmarks than drag and drop, the code will be used in the publishing platform bookmarks links.)